‘Catch them young!’

St Kabir Public School has introduced the THOTS Lab programme in primary classes as a value addition strategy in the spirit of ‘Catch them young!’
Whereas in junior classes, there is very little scope for a direct fomentation of Higher Order Thinking Skills due to the primary focus of the normal curriculum on equipping the children with basic cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities, whereupon the edifice of a competent, aware and productive personality is to be built during subsequent schooling, one cannot at the same time overlook the fact that most of the neurological development of the human brain also takes place during the same formative years.
Hence, overlooking or neglecting the opportunity for a simultaneous development of  higher level intellectual abilities, when its need in the modern context and milieu is compelling would be a grave folly.
The secret of remarkable success achieved by THOTS Lab is attributable to its superb  deployment of ‘Gamification’ strategy for engaging and holding the short attention span of primary level students. It would have sufficed even if the strategy was merely increasing the attention span of the students, but to have it also develop vital skills such as Innovative Problem Solving and Resource – Economising Decision Making, based on Deductive and Inductive Reasoning, as well as Experimentation and Reflective Thinking, is truly a game changer.
The impact of the THOTS lab experiential learning is becoming clearly discernible in the regular  classroom environment of the target classes. Students becoming more confident and expressive about their needs, feelings and views on the content being dealt in class.
In summary, ‘Can Do’ attitude towards learning and delivering among the target classes is clearly on the rise and it is our belief that the intellectual skills and lateral thinking abilities imbibed from the THOTS Lab atmosphere will stand our young students in good stead as they progress to higher classes.

This special note has been written by – Lt Col Rattanbir Singh, Principal, St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh. 


Lt. Col Rattanbir Singh regularly spends quite a time in the THOTS Class, participates in the class as a student himself, while sitting and playing the games like students. His reflection on the THOTS program as shared above is an outcome of his experiential evaluation based on such experiences in the THOTS Lab.

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