Constructing Experiential Engagements to THINK!

Physical Games, Drama, Dance are few of the many disciplines to engage a child experientially. When children participate in any such engagement, it gives shape to their overall development.

The key aspect, mostly undermined or ignored, during these exposures is to develop age appropriate Thinking Skills & Life Skills with pre-defined output so that they can become the thinking process of a child’s mind. This combination of various Thinking skills, around the experiential learning opportunities available in a school environment, provides a platform to the children for Communicating, Verbalising & Expressing one’s self. This also gives children the opportunity to learn to work together, to develop tolerance and empathy as they begin to see the world from different perspectives, and promotes active learning, enriching and reinforcing their school experiences.

Thinking is a function of human mind which is used for various tasks and functions and contrary to the common belief can be developed. Compliance and efficacy of training to develop desired Thinking Skills, in relation to the environment in which the training was imparted, produces different and varied results.

Thinking skills development works like the most essential pillar on which the overall development of children happen. The role of any academic, non-academic program or activity undertaken by the school is to give shape to the child’s thinking abilities and to provide impetus to their thinking development. These thinking abilities are given a structured shape by developing various cognitive skills and enlarging the scope of such cognitive skills to the emotional and social skills.

By use of Thinking Skills children focus on ‘knowing how’ as well as ‘knowing what’ i.e. learn how to learn.
Thus, in order to develop ‘Thinking’ amongst children we should aim to develop and promote child’s knowledge and understanding through engagement, encouragement and age appropriate experiences.

(by Ashutosh Khurana, Co-founder & CEO of THOTS Program to develop various Higher Order Thinking Skills through physical games and simulations)