How has THOTS changed me?

THOTS as a programme is an endeavour to make learning fun and classroom engagements effective. We spoke to some of the facilitators’ working at various schools across the country and experiencing THOTS by delivering it to the students. We asked them just one question – “How has THOTS changed them or the way students learn in the classrooms?” Here’s what they have to say

“My first impression of THOTS was this leap of faith that it can make a difference in children. But, after witnessing it for 3 years now, I can confidently say that it helps children in their ability to think better, in their behavior, emotional intelligence and social skills. When I see children in the class now, I see  that questions asked to them as well as asked by them have become more relevant. Which means that a lot has changed in the children – not only in terms of how they see themselves but also as to how they see themselves in the bigger scheme of things. I have so many examples in my class alone of how students have been benefited. For example, Agam who was very aggressive has calmed down a lot now; Rahul who couldn’t pay attention is now taking initiatives to participate; Bhavya who just wouldn’t participate in co-curricular activities is showing enthusiasm towards them. These visible changes have convinced me that THOTS is a programme that every school and every teacher who wishes to enable real learning in the classroom should adopt.”

 – Facilitator – Amita Saini (St. Kabir Public School, Chandigrah)

“THOTS has changed my perspective of life and learning versus teaching. I enjoy seeing the changes that THOTS has brought in me as well as in my friends (students). THOTS follows the motto of Explore – Reflect – Apply. When children come to the THOTS Lab, they come there with an open mind to play various thinking tools and mind games. This form of learning which is driven through engagement of children is completely experiential. I am extremely honoured and glad to be part of the change that THOTS has brought in schools and I would recommend it to every school because the benefits are obvious and, in some cases, essential for the growth and development of children.”

 – Facilitator – Sathya S Shenoy (Viswajyothi CMI Public School, Kerala)

“Children are not judged for their thoughts in THOTS Lab and they are treated as friends of teachers and not students. This enables an environment where expression of thoughts is not restricted by the teacher but more driven by the responsibility owned by the children. This makes learning faster and a fun process. For instance, when I played one of the thinking tool used in THOTS for the first time, a situation arose where I realized at the end that I was the root-cause of the problem while trying to achieve my objective. And, within no time my mind started relating this self-learning to the incidences of my past forcing me to think – how I could have avoid some unwanted situations by not being the cause of that problem. This, in a few months now has become a habit i.e. to always think before reacting instead of being driven by impulse. And, I would give the credit of it to THOTS”

 – Facilitator – Kanchan Mantri (Indira National School, Pune)

“This is my first job as a teacher so I really didn’t have a benchmark to compare the results of THOTS but from what I have experienced it is an amazing approach to make learning effective. With every thinking tool that was introduced in the THOTS programme, there was a new learning experience and I got a chance to explore and understand my own strengths and weaknesses before facing a room full of students. THOTS is a unique two way learning process where the learner is learning through examples and experiences and the facilitator is facilitating learning rather than teaching.”

– Facilitator – Babli Singh (Salwan Public School, Gurgaon)

“The idea of motivating a child to explore & express their ideas in a classroom beyond the conventional boundaries of an academic subject is an incredible concept. It makes them feel free but with a responsibility to think in a structured way thus helps them tap into their creative resources. The children thrive in the customized set-up of THOTS Lab which is different from their normal classrooms. Interaction with the facilitator brings to them a completely new sense of self understanding and awareness thus enhances their self-thinking abilities. I have found better results in this method of enabling learning and I would like to take this to as many academicians and schools as possible”

– Facilitator – J. Jaya (Primus Public School, Bangalore)