Media Coverage

Any new initiative requires support and recognition from all the stakeholders. THOTS received its due recognition not only from the academicians, parents and students but also the education experts in the media. THOTS has been covered in more than 100 newspapers and magazines across the country for being the change agent and participate in the efforts of visionary schools to bring focus on thinking development during the schooling years.

Please enjoy reading a few such articles highlighted below.

  • THOTS Lab will help in overall development of students
    Education Minister inaugurated the THOTS Lab…
    Paper: Jagran
  • Now children will learn while playing
    THOTS Lab inaugurated at Summer Valley School
    Paper: Amar Ujala
  • Exercise for the gray matter
    THOTS Lab is a new concept that provides children with thinking tools and lays stress on experiential learning. What seems to have led to wide acceptance of this unique approach…
    Paper: Deccan Chronicle
  • Enriching learning through better thinking
    A well balanced thinking process provides a solid foundation to the complete learning process. It is an established fact that thinking can’t be developed by learning instructions…
    Paper: The Tribune
  • Making your child think
    Thinking is a function of human mind which is used for various tasks and functions and contrary to the common belief can be developed…
    Paper: Hindustan Times
  • Plan to penetrate tier IV cities
    Though are present pricing is the most reasonable across the country and deliverable list the most exhaustive, the objective is to bring pricing to a level…
    Paper: The Pioneer
  • Children will learn how to fight challenges in a Lab
    This is not a technique to understand mathematics and science subjects but…
    Paper: Hindustan
  • Now a school with a Thinking Lab
    The thinking abilities of a child is something that is often neglected, though it forms the basis of child’s action. If the child is trained to think systematically through an experiential…
    Paper: The New Indian Express
  • Through a labyrinth of thought
    Developing the skills of analytical thinking among school students for better comprehension has moved from being an integrated part of education to…
    Paper: The New Indian Express
  • Thinking, learning can be fun
    The reason for this change in behavior was introduction of a new program in school. The program allowed children to work with a lot of games and tools that help build their thinking…
    Paper: The Times of India
  • Learning to apply thinking skills
    How structured is our thinking process? And how accurate is the application of our thinking skills to real-life situations? Is thinking the core of our actions? Can we develop…
    Paper: Deccan Herald
  • Where mind is without fear
    A new active learning process for children is aiming to create wholesome individuals by laying emphasis on providing appropriate experiences at the initial stages of…
    Paper: Bengal Post
  • New way of thinking
    Right thinking is perhaps the only way to tackle a disobedient child, help him perform better in studies and ensure that the child develops an aim in life and, above all, becomes…
    Paper: Hindustan Times
  • A different school of thought
    Cramming up lessons is all set to be a thing of the past. A cool new initiative by company incubated at CIIE IIM Ahmedabad aims to help school children analyse and understand…
    Paper: Ahmedabad Mirror
  • Schools make kids don thinking caps
    Gone are the days when schools focused only on academics and high scores. The city schools are encouraging students to participate in programmes that help…
    Paper: Bangalore Mirror
  • Power of future entrepreneurs
    You are the people who will transform this country and propel it into a higher altitude that will create an inclusive growth for every Indian…for the first time in the last 400 years…
    Paper: The Economic Times