“In this age of global competence, it is important to teach children not just what to think but also how to think. The THOTS Lab has come at the right time for the Indian education system. It is amazing to see how quickly and enthusiastically children have embraced the THOTS Lab”.

Anuradha Krishnan, Principal, Primus Public School, Bangalore

“THOTS Lab is quite a revolutionary concept.Developing thinking abilities amongst Primary and Middle years of education is indeed a radical need forthe present day competitive environment. Thinking development, coupled with the regular curriculum can make a potent combination for the best-of-breed education systems”.

Ms. Meena Ganesh, Ex CEO & MD, Pearson Chain of Schools, India

“THOTS is a very non-judgemental way of getting children to think through situations, arrive at an understanding and make their own individual moves. The program generates a lot of excitement and dialogue between student-facilitator and student-student. The refinement of Thinking Skills is important as there is a paradigm shift in the teaching learning processes in classrooms today and the real world has a lot of challenges that young must be equipped to deal with”.

Preeti Bakshi, Deputy Director, St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh