Zidhaan interaction with me has improved a lot. He has started to find the root cause of problems, the idea which he got from his ‘THOTS Class’. It is very helpful and appreciable.

Parents of Zidhaan, Grade VI, TVIS, Kerala

Ananya has shown great improvement in solving different kind of problems. After attending THOTS Classes, she has improved in mental activities and tries her hand on problems, which she was not good at earlier. It is a perfect program.

Parents of Ananya, Grade V, RIS, Whitefield

Spoorthi has shown good improvement in her thinking abilities. Her ability to deal with and complete homework in Maths and other subjects have improved. THOTS is an important and good program to help young minds.

Parents of Spoorthi, Grade III, DPS South Bangalore

Manasa has improved a lot. She solves the small puzzles give in ‘open sesame’. She can find out the differences between two objects and identifies the missing objects and the added ones. It is really a world class program which every child should get.

Parents of Manasa, Grade I, KLE International School, Rajajinagar