Benefits Whom

Benefits Whom

THOTS Lab engages all the stake holders by keeping child as the centre of the development process. It involves all the other members in and around the child by delivering transparent and quantifiable quality and value to each one of them.


  • Statistically significant improvement in academic and scholastic performance
  • Enhanced self-thinking process – Critical, Lateral and Creative
  • Enables application of learning to real life situations
  • Improved focus, confidence and inquisitiveness


  • Reduced thinking disparity amongst children
  • Improved interaction and interrelation with children
  • Quality inquisitiveness of children and better class performance
  • Faculty workshops enabling personal and professional growth


  • Significant value addition tothe school’s academic process
  • Synchronised cognitive, socialand emotional development through child-centric tools
  • xAppreciative parents andstudents – current andprospective
  • Propels overall academic andpsychosocial excellence


  • Generates parents’ appreciation of their children and of the school’s effort to prepare children for life
  • Enables parents with the inputs to understand their child better
  • Engages parents in the child’s thinking development creating positive environment at home
  • Provides a transparent and interactive way to engage and track each child’s growth, increasing their participation.