How to Incorporate

How to Incorporate

THOTS is a complete academic year program which has Grade wise curriculum to develop Higher Thinking Skills in an experiential method through Thinking Tools & Mind Games.

You are a Parent

If you are a Parent

As a Parent, if you believe that the school where your child is studying is progressive enough to adopt an innovative and scientifically proven method which focussed only on Thinking development, please connect us to your child’s school. Your small effort of introducing this program to the school Principal and the Management may go a long way in helping your own child getting benefitted by THOTS. Alternatively, you can share the details of your child’s school with contact number and mail id of the right person at the school for us to reach them ourselves. You can fill in these details in the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Represent a School

If you represent a School

As a school representative, if you think that Thinking development is an integral part of the child development process and wish to integrate it as a part of the education process in your school, please share your details in the contact page for us to reach out to you for an appointment. We shall be extremely happy to make you go through the experiential simulations and manipulations used in THOTS, personally. If you would have a spare room to create THOTS Lab, we shall walk you through each element of the Lab and their importance for you to take a decision to create this exciting and unique Lab in your school.

If you wish to speak to any of our existing schools to understand the program or take feedback, please visit ‘schools on board‘ page.