What is THOTS?

What is THOTS?

What is THOTS?

In today’s highly competitive world, there’s a pressing need to equip students with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

This is where THOTS steps in.

THOTS is an in-school Thinking Skills development program for the students of Primary & Middle years. It is delivered along with the existing academic curriculum of the school to enable learning of Higher Order Thinking Skills within the school. The students develop Thinking through experiential learning through 17-20 physical Thinking Tools and Mind Games.

What is THOTSTHOTS lays emphasis on the development of Thinking Skills and Thinking Processes in a learner-centric, learner-induced environment, thereby focusing on an optimal functioning of a mind. It draws forth the latent capabilities and sensitivities of the mind rather than filling it with pre-defined information. The core foundation of THOTS envelops the findings of various brain researches including that the learning is most effective when it involves the brain’s natural function of creating meaning from an experience.

Hence, learning is natural, active and meaningful as it happens in the context of the experience that one goes through.

This active learning is invoked by the motivation triggered by conscious and subconscious mind for intrinsic rewards of knowledge, understanding and experience. The teachers of ‘THOTS Program’ function as ‘facilitators’ of learning by providing an environment where students search for meaning, appreciate uncertainty, inquire responsibly and draw inferences for their higher growth. This helps them to –

  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Become independent yet responsible thinkers
  • Develop integrated understanding of concepts
  • Pose and seek relevant questions
  • Learn by experience rather than mere memorization

THOTS’ proven pedagogy takes the learner through a simple yet powerful process of reflection and realisation through Thinking Tools and Mind Games. Its structured experiential process enables delivery of all the four fundamentals of Thinking – Skills, Concepts, Processes and Models. THOTS’ unique 5 stage methodology and delivery process enables development of new thinking skills by strengthening the innate thinking abilities.