THOTS Curriculum

What is THOTS?

THOTS Curriculum

THOTS draws forth benefits from various frameworks, taxonomies and theories practiced In the field of education internationally. It scientifically blends certain child development fundamentals followed in ancient societies with the western research.

Program Design

Program Design
All the above lead to the THOTS canvas for each child delivering

  • THINKABULARY words imparted through experiences to each child
  • 200 plus Thinking Skills delivered as per the Bloom’s revised Taxonomy
  • 200 plus Thinking Concepts to create non-contextual environment to apply Thinking Skills
  • 250 plus Thinking Processes through Single user, Dual user & Multi user Thinking Tools as per Anderson & Krathwol 2 Dimensional Taxonomy
  • Multiple Thinking Models internalised in each learner for inter-disciplinary transference and application
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