What is THOTS?


THOTS Program uses the best of ‘Thinking Tools and Thinking Games’ available across the globe to create a live experience in the classroom. These tools, at the strength of the THOTS curriculum create various cognitive, social and emotional situations to place the learner at the center of the active learning process.


Each child is equipped with an independent Thinking Tool during every lesson to create an actual experiential learning environment. THOTS Tools bring forth a very degree of engagement amongst the children whereby they leave with a desire of wanting more learning…

The Step by Step Thinking Progression

Each Thinking Development Simulative Tool (TDST) used in the THOTS Program is selected to deliver pre-defined Thinking Skills, Thinking Concepts, Thinking Processes and Thinking Models. The chart below depicts the progression of one such THOTS Tool. Thus, each THOTS Tool and corresponding THOTS Lesson progresses to deliver output as per the age of the learner. This makes the THOTS Program delivery a dynamic web of inter-related skills and processes for application in the real life.

Click the link below to see the curriculum progression chart for some of the Thinking Tools used in the program to impart higher order thinking skills and thinking processes like ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Decision Making’, ‘Asking Questions’, ‘Input-Output Mapping’, ‘Pattern Visualising’, etc., etc. Different charts are there for all the 17-20 Thinking Tools used in THOTS Program to make the learning outcome quantified and transparent.

Curriculum Progression Chart – Problem Solving

Curriculum Progression Chart – Problem Solving

Curriculum Progression Chart – Forward & Backward Planning

Curriculum Progression Chart– Forward & Backward Planning

Curriculum Progression Chart – Asking Questions

Curriculum Progression Chart– Asking Questions